My 3 year old LOVES Lisa’s yoga class. She gets all of her energy out through this creative outlet. Each week they are pretending to be different animals or sandwich or some other creative thing with their bodies. She is always practicing the different moves at home.  - Heather Kennedy

Lisa is a wonderful teacher! My children love her and she holds their attention with her creativity and enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend her classes! - Jen

We had my daughters 3rd birthday party at the studio and it was great! Everyone had a great time and it was super easy to work with Lisa and her team. We had a mix of boys and girls and everyone enjoyed. - Carrie

My daughter cannot wait for her “yoga day” to come around fast enough! She sometimes gets upset when it’s not a class day! She adores her teachers and takes great pride showing me her craft at the end of class. My daughter particularly loves the foot massage too! A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours! - Nicola

I cannot say enough great things about Lisa, Carrie, and the staff. My daughter loves her yoga, practices all week, and won’t even let me touch her feet without letting me know that only Carrie or Lisa are allowed to give her a foot massage! Besides being a fun, safe place for her to go every week, I saw a marked difference in her strength and agility. It’s the only place I know of that has it all…a wonderful, welcoming staff, fun art projects, and a snack to boot. We love Mimi Yoga!! - Evita

My 3 year old daughter Ella has been taking Lisa’s class at the sky club for the last 2 semesters. Ella has such a great time in class. When she comes home she pretends she is the yoga teacher and mommy and her dolls are the students. - Christine Kirkland

I had a wonderful experience taking a yoga class instructed by Lisa. It was a very challenging and rewarding class. I look forward to continuing practicing with her. - Stacey

Hey, just want to let everyone know that this class is a great class for kids and every kid that takes one single trial class, they love it!! Your kids are in great hands! And Lisa, I will be seeing you when Cynthia lets me leave work to take Jaylene to your Mommy and Me Yoga!!!  - Yaimeli M

Lisa just began teaching yoga to our toddlers and they already love her and her program! She is a master at working with children and keeping their attention. Our children are beginning to grasp the yoga concepts and look forward to Lisa visiting our center. Thanks for bringing such a positive experience to our children, Lisa!  
- Director of Hoboken Children’s Academy

My daughter wanted a yoga party for her 5th birthday. We had Miss Ilsi come to our apt for a 45 minute yoga class. The kids loved it and had a great time trying different poses and relaxing at the end with a foot massage. It was amazing to see seven 5 year olds – boys and girls – lying still on their yoga mats just relaxing. My daughter received a gift certificate to Mimi Yoga as a birthday gift and she can’t wait to use it. I highly recommend! - Meghan

My daughter’s 6th birthday party went so, so well! Thank you very much! Everything was so organized and Carrie and crew were great with the kids. My daughter had a terrific time and it was utterly effortless for me and my husband. I’ll definitely be telling all my friends. - Kathleen